Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mountain Biking in the Desert

Mountain Biking with a great team and a "future Champ"! We had great weather for my first venture out onto the 24 hour trail getting ready for the upcoming Old Pueblo 24 hour race. With a 5 person team hopefully I won't have to make too many night laps! Ricks first time on a mountain bike and even on Norms bike with no clips he made it up all the climbs, some of which must have had 13 to 17 percent grades.

The "dreaded" metal man on the computrainer..Does anyone ever win with this guy? The challange is how much sweat you can leave on the floor!

Lt Col Rick Crespo at the Innagural January Tri K 2 training camp. The weather was great, typical Tucson weather with the skys sunny and clear. Cool mornings with the days warming up nicely. Along with the typical bike, run and swims we even made time to get some mountain biking in, since we have a 5 person team competing in the upcoming Old Pueblo 24 hour mountain bike race. Lots of fun and some top training rides with brothers Ryan and Mike Mazura , Kerstin and Dr Matt Jones and others. Tuscon has been tagged as one of the top training locations in the nation, with miles of bike friendly roads, hills and scenic trail running.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kerstin's First 1/2 Marathon

A BIG congratulations to Kerstin Jones on a great finishing time of 2:17:35 in Sundays Rock and Roll Marathon in Pheonix Az. Kerstin - you ROCK! You were so fast that you got past the 3 of us tht were on the look-out for you! With an average pace of 10:30 for your very first 1/2 marathon you are fast on the heals of husband Matt. Matt played race "Sherpa" and did an outstanding job of it, sending Kerstin off at the start and then racing over to the finish to park and see her cross the finish line. We still havent quite figured out how Kerstin managed to slip past Matt, Sherry and me since we were all on the look-out for her at different points in the race but she did!
Its a coach's dreamm to hear your athlete debrief after the race and say they did exactly what they had practiced in training! Kerstin has a mind like a steel trap and once she sets her sights on a goal there is no stopping her! Look for an exciting race year from this athlete!