Saturday, November 29, 2008

Miami Man Half Nov 9th 2008

Race Day: Nov 9th, 2008

Congratulations to Everyone on some stellar results from the Miami Man 1/2 Ironman. Although it was not an easy day - and they never are when you are racing, several folks managed to PR and Doug Kugley had an awesome 1st 1/2 Ironman Distance Race placing 8th in his age group and 42nd overall male. Not bad for the 1st time at this distance!! Several TOP TEN finishes! A group got together for a nice pre-race dinner at Bonefish grill and was there at the finish line to cheer each other on. Doug’s wife Kim and I were the Iron Sherpas for the weekend. Watching a race is much more nerve racking than racing trying to see everyone at some point on the course and offer encouragement.

Racers had a beautiful spring fed lake swim and a windy bike. Those fast tailwinds turn into some mean headwinds on a course with lots of turns! The sun came out in South Florida style and made the second loop of the run nice and hot. Everyone liked the course with the run through the zoo offering distraction from the pain of running, but Doug said he missed the elephants...hmmm....wonder how you miss Elephants. Jody, Doug and Todd all PR'd. Cristy laid out the great swim she normally does and set a lead. Lisa Sandusky won her age group. This is one tough lady. I talked with her after the race in the finish area and she really raced hard. Todd’s significant other and Mother were there and I got to meet them both which were great, also nice that they got to see him set a big PR. David Burg had an awesome race also. Nina put together a very strong race and had an impressive finish, and Nina thanks for racing in TRI K2 gear! Jody and Cristy both had fast bike splits.

Doug has the "pro" bike mounts and dismounts conquered.

Jose and his son both worked as volunteers at the 70.3 world championships in Clearwater on Sunday. Val was race support for the MAO racers so got her workout with at least 10 bridge repeats on the causeway bridge!!

Next weekend Scott Vaughn is off to San Antonio for a 1/2 marathon and hoping for a PR, and in just 2 weeks Val and I are heading to IMA.

January starts IMCDA training for Nina, Lisa, Jody and I, and I hear a rumor that others are considering IML???

Congratulations to all of you. Everyone overcame some personal demons and many raced with assorted levels of pain. You guys are my inspiration.

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